Co-produced by Mar Ballesteros Studio &
Nerlaska Studio  
Locomaster-1 Locomaster-2 Locomaster-3
Locomaster-4 Locomaster-5 Locomaster-6
eng — Little Lucas has a fantastic machine: Locomaster. With it, your children will be able to transform Lucas into really strange animals like the Sillyphant, the Jokyfly or the Crazy Crocodile. They will enjoy playing with this strange creatures and going into Lucas neighbors’ houses.
What would you do if you were a fly? With the Jokyfly, children will experience Continue reading

Muuuuum, a bug is chasing me!

Muuuuum, a bug is chasing me!
Written and illustrated by Mar Ballesteros 
Lorenzo1 Lorenzo2
Lorenzo3 Lorenzo4
Lorenzo5 Lorenzo6
eng — One morning, Alfred woke up to go to school, and found a huge bug hanging from the lamp. At first, Alfred thought nothing of it, but he started worrying when he saw the bug again on the way to school. Things got worse during playtime, when Alfred saw the bug once more in Mr August’s mustache. Finally, on the way back home, Alfred Continue reading