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“Animal Face & Tail” available on the Apple App Store.

Show off your inner animal with ” Animal Face and Tail “, the most complete Animal Face app on the App Store.

Available from July 27, the app “Animal Face And Tail” allow users to personalize their photos with all kind of animal stickers. With an already popular theme, Animal Face And Tail give the next step, adding features such as text function, more than 200 stickers (100 of them free) including not only faces, but also tails, wings, snail shells and even spider legs and surprisingly beautiful frames (20 of them free). This is the third photo app from the Spanish artist Mar Ballesteros.
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The User Interface in “Animal Face And Tail” app is pretty intuitive. First, user is prompted to choose a photo. He can take it with the device’s camera or from camera roll. In the next screen, user can add one or several stickers with the “plus” button. Animal faces are automatically placed over photo’s faces. Then, user can edit the sticker with a series of editing tools including: flip horizontal and vertical, adjust and erase the desired parts. Next, user can add frames to his composition, beautiful filters or cool captions. Finally, user can share his creation via Instagram, Facebook of Twitter.

  All the photos and fonts have been carefully selected. Frames have been designed by the artist Maria Jose Ballesteros.

  “Developing this app has been one of the most exhausting and rewarding things in my life, I can’t wait to see what people can create with it”. Said Mar Ballesteros.

“Animal Face And Tail” is now available for free in the Apple App Store. The app is available worldwide, in English.

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